How to Find a Psychologist in Your Province / City

There are many ways of finding out how find a Psychologist in your province or city for yourself whether the psychological practitioner is in private practice or is staffed in a hospital. If the psychologist is staffed in a hospital you most likely will have to be referred by a physician, which could be a great starting place for anyone wanting to find a registered psychologist tin the first place. Having a  psychologist refereed to by a physician can be a good thing for you because you can be assured this psychologist is qualified and has a solid professional background. However, in any psychological work you must choose a psychologist that works for you as you must feel as comfortable as possible with this psychologist. Developing a good working relationship with your psychologist is foundational in your treatment.

So if you are trying to self refer yourself to the right fit psychologist here are a few resources to get your started:

1. Check Your Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations

Alberta – Psychologists’ Association of Alberta

This is the Psychologist Association in Alberta, which has a great database of registered psychologists. Clicking the above URL will bring you the the main page, and if you click on the menu item or icon on the left that says “Online Referral Search” you will be brought to a page where you can search for a Psychologist based on City, Region of City, Problem/Concern, Population Served, Methodology, Language and Gender.

British Columbia – British Columbia Psychological Association

Clicking The British Columbia Psychological Association link above will bring you to their main page, where you can access the “Find Help” link on the main menu in the middle of the page. If you want to find a registered psychologist in the referral service database click the Referral Service link where you can search for psychologists based on specific names, your reason for seeking help, psychologist gender, availability, city/town, therapy method, what the psychologist has experience working with, and any additional languages the psychologist speaks You can use the other resources available such as resources such as why you should seek a psychologist’s help, brochures / fact sheets on general information on mental health, and FAQ’s on psychologist and psychiatrists.

Manitoba – Manitoba Psychological Society

Click the link above to the Manitoba Psychological Society and scroll down the web page until you see the “Online Referral Search” icon of a map of Manitoba and click here. This brings you to a searchable directory which lists all of the psychologists registered to the Manitoba Psychological Society. The directory is searchable through selecting categories (ex. ADHD) and then listing the psychologists who specialize in these categories.

Newfoundland Labrador – Association of Psychology in Newfoundland Labrador

Through accessing the main page for the Association of Psychology in Newfoundland Labrador you will see a link labelled plainly as  “Find a Psychologist“. From here you can search for all the registered psychologists based on gender, region, abuse, addictions, patient age, dealing with disabilities, sexual, disabilities, other areas of practice, and formal assessment services.

New Brunswick – College of Psychologists of New Brunswick

Accessing the main page of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick past the welcome page  you can get to their find a psychologist search page by either clicking on the icon in the top right that has magnifying glass over top of the psychology icon, or by clicking the Find a Psychologist link right here. This search tool allows you to search for a Psychologist based on first name, last name, region, areas of practice, formal assessment, theoretical approach, client base, working language, category of services offered, and a private practice only option.

Ontario –

Ontario Psychological Association

The Ontario Psychological Association has a referral service accessible from their main page at the URL above. You can access this either from the main page in the top right where it says “Referral Service“. This database of psychologists is searchable using the categories of location, time availability, language, services offered, area of practice, problem areas, age group seen, and theological orientation.

Ontario Association of Psychological Associates

The Ontario Association of Psychological Associated is for members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario who hold a Masters Degree. These members have the same responsibilities and independently perform the same professional acts as doctoral degree holders of the other members of the College. This Association has a database of Psychological Associates which can be accessed by clicking the URL above and clicking the menu item on the left of the main page labelled “Find a Therapist or Psychological Assessment“. These professionals can be searched for by the area they reside by clicking your area code in the list given.

Prince Edward Island – Psychological Association of Prince Edward Island

Quebec – Ordres des psychologues du Quebec

From this page you can click the “Find a Professional” link which brings you to a page where you can get a referral in the private sector, services in the public system, or search whether a particular psychologist is registered / permitted to practice psychology in Quebec. If you are searching for a psychologist in the private sector you can search by region, city, type of problem, type of consultation, desired theoretical approach, accepted mandates, judicial evaluation and expertise services, type of patient/client you are, first/last name of psychologist, language of psychologist, and gender of psychologist.

Saskatchewan – Psychological Society of Saskatchewan

The Psychological Society of Saskatchewan’s webpage is entirely out of date / and does not function properly so at this time you cannot access any Psychologist referral services through them it seems.

2. Other Find a Psychologist Resources:

After checking your Psychological Associations / Governing bodies you may still be interested in where else you could find a suitable psychologist. Before any links are listed remember that if you know of anyone who has visited a psychologist in your area you could ask them for a personal reference.

Find Private

Find Private is allows a user to search for private clinics in Canada. You can search by province, or from a category of symptoms and you will be matched with the available nearby private clinics available in that area / category.

Psychology Today – Find a Therapist

Psychology Today is a popular Psychology blog where various psychologists / individuals post  psychology related articles discussing current psychology trends and research. The site also has a “Find a Therapist” page where you can search for a psychologist or therapist in your area. You simply type in your city and what you are looking for help in and you will be given a list of related psychologists.

Practice Central – Psychologist Locator

This Psychologist locator is provided by Practice Central and uses the categories of city, distance of search, what you are looking for help in, psychologist gender, and the ages the psychologist serves.

How to Find a Psychologist in Your Province or City

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