How to Become a Psychologist in Saskatchewan

First: Obtain An Undergraduate Degree

To become a registered Psychologist in Saskatchewan you will only need to obtain your Masters degree in psychology. To be accepted into most graduate Masters program an undergraduate four year degree is generally required. I would recommend choosing an undergraduate that includes a Psychology Honors, Specialization or Major route. This will highly increase your chances of later being accepted into a Graduate program anywhere in Canada. Below are a few options for Undergraduate study in Saskatchewan.

Undergraduate Schools With Psychology Degrees in Saskatchewan:

University of Saskatchewan
University of Regina

Second: Obtain a Masters Degree or Higher

To achieve the minimum requirements to register as a Psychologist in Saskatchewan, you must obtain minimally a Masters Degree. The program must have consisted of mostly psychology classes and be from an institution recognized by the Council at the  Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. You will only need to obtain your Masters degree (degrees with the designations M. Ed. or M. A. or M. Sc,), but you could also go further and get a Doctoral degree is Psychology (degrees with designations of Ph.D., Psy.D. or Ed.D.)

Graduate School Programs in Saskatchewan:

University of Saskatchewan

University of Regina

Third: Where and How do I Register?

Register as a Psychologist in Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan College of Psychologists

A handy little information handbook for applicants in .PDF format is provided by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists can be found: Here

You will be  assessed whether you qualify to register based on these general steps below:

Step 1: Review of Academic Qualifications: Both Masters and Doctoral Graduates.

Step 2: Apply for Registration as a Provisional Psychologist

  • Application for Registration as a Provincial Psychologist
  • Supervised post Masters experience  under a Psychologist (One year of 1500 hours)
  • Examinations (EPPP & Oral)
  • A final interview will be conducted where you will describe your intents as a Psychologist and include things like where you will practice, and how much you will do so.

After all steps have been fulfilled a Practice Permit for independence practice will be issued and you will be entered into the Register of Psychologists in Alberta.

Visit the Saskatchewan College of Psychology website for in depth detail on registration procedures:

Further Information On Becoming A Psychologist in Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan College of Psychologists

Psychological Association of Saskatchewan

Canadian Psychological Association – @ CPA

Information Book For Applicants – @ SCP

Graduate Guide 2009-2010.PDF – @ Canadian Psychological Association

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  1. Manpreet

    Kindly guide if someone is living out of Canada, but want to register as a psychologist under Saskatchewan. Is that possible? If yes so please send me complete information.


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