How to Become a Psychologist in Alberta

First: Obtain An Undergraduate Degree

To become a Psychologist in Alberta you must ultimately obtain a graduate degree. To be accepted into most graduate Masters program an undergraduate four year degree is generally required. I would recommend choosing an undergraduate that includes a Psychology Honors, Specialization or Major route. This will highly increase your chances of later being accepted into a Graduate program. In Alberta there are quite a few good options for obtaining an undergraduate degree depending on where you reside.

Undergraduate Schools With Psychology Degrees in Alberta:

University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge
Athabasca University
Canadian University College
City University of Seattle
Concordia University College of Alberta
Grand Prairie Regional College
Red Deer College
Taylor University College and Seminary
The Kings University College
Ambrose University College
Mount Royal University

Second: Obtain a Masters Degree

To achieve the minimum requirements to register as a Psychologist in Alberta, you must obtain a graduate Masters Degree. This degree should be a major in psychology or a degree that is very similar to a graduate degree with a major in psychology. In order to register as a Psychologist in Alberta you do not have to obtain your graduate degree in Alberta, but you must make sure that you obtain your degree from a government authorized degree granting institution of higher Canada, or a higher education institution in the United States, or the proper governing body has recognized the University in the specific country country the degree was obtained in. To find out more, please visit Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials for Registration as a Psychologist in Alberta at the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Graduate School Programs in Alberta:

University of Alberta Psychology Department
University of Alberta Educational Psychology
University of Calgary Psychology Department
University of Calgary Applied Psychology
University of Lethbridge
City University of Seattle
Gonzaga University
Loma Linda

Third: Where And How do I Register?

Register as a Psychologist in Alberta: College of Alberta Psychologists

The College of Alberta Psychologists will asses whether you qualify to register based on these two broad steps:

Step 1: Review of Academic Qualifications

Step 2: Apply for Registration as a Provisional Psychologist

  • Application for Registration as a Provincial Psychologist
  • Supervised Experience (1600 hours)
  • Examinations (EPPP & Oral)
  • Registration for Independent Practice (upon completion of all previous steps, 3 positive professional references, clean criminal record, and proof of liability insurance)

After all steps have been fulfilled a Practice Permit for independence practice will be issued and you will be entered into the Register of Psychologists in Alberta.

College of Alberta Psychologists
2100 SunLife Place
10123 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3H1

(780) 424-5070

Further Information On how to become A Psychologist in Alberta:

Information for Applicants Handbook: For Registration as a Psychologist in the Province of Alberta – @ College of Alberta Psychologists

Undergraduate Psychology Association – @ University of Alberta

PAA – Psychologists Association of Alberta – @ PAA

How to Become a Psychologist – @ Athabasca University

Canadian Psychological Association – @ CPA

How to Become a Psychologist in Alberta

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