Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)

Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)

What is the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP):

The Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology is an examination required by most provinces / territories in Canada and states in the US in order to qualify to fully license or register as a Psychologist. The EPPP is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) and consists of objective multiple-choice questions covering knowledge essential to the professional practice of psychology. The competencies covered will be in the following eight content areas:

The eight content areas (with percent of content)

  • Biological bases of behavior (12% of exam)
  • Cognitive-affective bases oh behavior (13% of exam)
  • Social and multi-cultural bases of behavior (12% of exam)
  • Growth and life span development (12% of exam)
  • Assessment and diagnosis (14% of exam)
  • Treatment, intervention and prevention (14% of exam)
  • Research methods and statistics (8% of exam)
  • Ethical, legal and professional issues (15% of exam)

Here is a sample multiple-choice question that could be expected in an EPPP exam:

1. Which of the following descriptive features of a distribution of scores on a psychological test is not affected by adding a constant 10 to each score?

  • a) The standard deviation.
  • b) The geometric mean.
  • c) The arithmetic mean.
  • d) The median.


2. The central ingredient of the most effective behavioral treatment for agoraphobia is:

  • a) Deep muscle relaxation.
  • b) Prolonged exposure in vivo.
  • c) Shaping of the desired behavior with an implemented reward system.
  • d) Exposure in fantasy.

What is the EPPP Passing Score?

The EPPP scored is an arithmetic conversion of raw scores achieved to a score ranging from 200 to 800. This is done because versions of the examinations may vary in difficulty depending on which one you take. It is generally recommended that you achieve a score of 500 or greater in order to qualify for the independent practice of psychology, and minimum scores of 450 to qualify for the supervised practice of psychology.  If you fail the EPPP exam, you may retake it as many as four times a year, but this can also depend on your jurisdiction (so if this is a concern of yours please check with you jurisdictions governing Psychology body)

EPPP Passing Score Requirements By Jurisdiction & License Type:

This site provides you with the exact passing score requirements you need for every license type by jurisdiction. This includes the jurisdictions in both Canada and the US.


EPPP Practice Exams:

The ASPPB also provides opportunities for you to practice EPPP examinations through two different online exams: The Prometric testing centers (PEPP), and PEPPO exams. They both provide no items in common, and contain items drawn from the EPPP item bank and are prepared the same way as items on the actual EPPP. In order to qualify to take these exams however, you must be able to qualify by being either:

  • A student in a doctoral psychology program
  • A student in a master’s psychology program in a state or province that grant a license, certification or registration for master’s trained individuals
  • An individual with a degree that qualifies him or her to take the EPPP
  • A candidate for licensure as a psychologist

For more information on these practice exams please visit: http://www.prometric.com/default.htm

Resources to help you study:


Free Flash Cards: (From Pro Profs Free Flashcard)



Practices Exams and Prep:

  • Previous examination from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards – You can also order items from previous examination from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards for $37.50  directly from their website here: https://www.asppb.org/store/publications.aspx

*Note: Psychology-Canada is not directly responsible for the information provided at these informational resources, and is not accountable to the validity of their information. If you have any concerns, please contact those sites directly.

If you have any other valuable resources to help individuals study for the EPPP, then please let me know so that we can include them here.


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    Thank You for the information, i had few more queries if you can help me with the same. Can i give this exam before applying for registration process?? and is it same for Jurisprudence examination?? i am awaiting my ITA and would like to know about the examination process.

  2. Sonal p sachdev

    Thank u for the information, i would further like to clarify that i have an education from India, masters in clinical psychology, diploma in special education and diploma in HR. I would like to know that can i appear for EPPP exam and be registered in canada just on the bases of exam? Or we have to study in canada to appear for this exam.

  3. Aruna Mani

    I have completed my M.Sc in Counseling Psychology and M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from India, and a licensed clinical psychologist here. Am I eligible to apply for taking this test? If not, what are my options in terms of work in Toronto, Canada?

    • soudeh shiva

      Hello I have my doctora degree from Iran ,do I need to go to class in Montreal and the go for eppp exam ? Or no I can just do the exam ?
      Is there any place in Montreal that I can ask all my questions?

  4. Ujwala

    Hello I am from India. I have done mA Clinical Psychology from India. Am I eligible to apply for this test? If yes what is the procedure and if not what I need to do?

  5. Narmada

    Hi I have done my M.phil in Clinical Psychology in India and licensed. Am I eligible to apply for EPPP exam and get the licence of Canada ? Or should I do any course?


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