University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario Psychology Degree Program

Address: ocial Science Centre, Room 7418, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2

School Description:

Founded in 1878, we deliver ‘The Western Experience’, an exemplary learning experience that engages the best and brightest people challenging them to meet ever-higher standards in the classroom and beyond.

Undergraduate Program Description

The Psychology Department at Western has over 50 faculty members doing research and teaching in seven Areas of Research Excellence including Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognition, Developmental, Industrial/Organizational, Personality/Measurement, and Social. Undergraduate students often work with faculty, graduate and post-graduate students on cutting-edge questions about human and animal behavior.

Western offers several undergraduate programs in Psychology to accommodate students with varying interests. If you’re thinking about a career in Psychology or a related discipline, you should consider one of our Honors Specialization programs. If you’d like to develop a good understanding of the discipline of Psychology, our Major is the program for you. A Psychology Major can be combined with a Major in another discipline to create an Honors Double Major degree, a valuable stepping stone to many professional programs such as Business, Education, Medicine, and Law. If you’d like to study Psychology as part of your general education, or as a complement to your training in another discipline, our Psychology Minor degree would be a good choice.

We invite you to explore our website to answer your initial questions about Psychology at Western. Feel free to contact usfor further information.

Dr. Albert Katz
Chair, Department of Psychology

Graduate Program Description

Western’s Department of Psychology is pleased to offer students graduate studies in many areas of psychology. The department has world-renowned faculty members, excellent support staff and facilities, all within a beautiful campus.

Western is a leading research-focused university that has been rated as providing among the very best of student experiences in Canada.

The M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduates of our program have gone on to achieve distinguished careers in a wide variety of academic, private sector, and government positions throughout the world.

If you are considering graduate study in psychology, we invite you to explore all that Western has to offer by browsing these web pages.

Dr. Albert Katz
Chair, Department of Psychology

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