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Address: Department of Psychology University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 2W1

School Description:


The Psychology Department at the University of Guelph is in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.
The Department offers undergraduate honours programs leading to a B.A. or B.Sc. degree. The number of Psychology majors across these programs exceeds 750. Recent graduates have pursued advanced studies in psychology, business, law, medicine, and social work at leading universities in North America.
The Masters and Ph.D. graduate programs provide specializations in Applied Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science. Recent graduates from these programs have assumed academic positions in universities across Canada, as well as research and consulting positions in business, social service agencies, and hospitals.
All programs foster an appreciation of psychology as a science and the practice of psychology in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Undergraduate Program Description



In Psychology, you will study behaviour and cognition and explore the ways individuals act as individuals and in groups. The actual subject matter of the discipline of Psychology is extraordinarily diverse, embracing a wealth of basic research problems and practical issues. At the University of Guelph, the study of Psychology as a discipline includes the opportunities provided through Undergraduate Degree Credit courses and dozens of various Undergraduate Degree Program options that are the responsibility of the Psychology Department.


Undergraduate students can obtain a BA or BSc degree with major or minor focus in Psychology. Information about specific degree programs is available on-line in the current Undergraduate Calendar. The Calendar includes sections on The Schedule of Dates, Admission Information, Fees, Degree Regulations and Procedures, Course Descriptions, Degree Programs and specialization Schedules of Study.

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Enquiries and comments can be directed to the Undergraduate Secretaries <>. Assuming your inquiry goes beyond the information already provided by the University of Guelph’s Undergraduate Calendar, one of the undergraduate advisors in the department, or one of the Secretaries directly, will contact you via email as soon as possible. If you are on campus, you will also find a list of our undergraduate advisors posted on the 4th floor of the MacKinnon Extension, on the bulletin board as you come down the hall to the left of the elevator. The directory on the fourth floor will also list the name and number of the Chair’s office if you need to contact them directly.


Resources for Undergraduate Students contains links to pages with Course Outlines and Timetables, Grades, the Experimental Planner, Course Waiver and Honour’s Thesis application forms, and information about Student Responsibilities.


Student Financial Services

Student Housing

Co-operative Education & Career Services Take advantage of job postings, career advising, further education planning, workshops, job fairs, employer information sessions, and much more

Graduate Program Description



The Department of Psychology offers two graduate programs. The first is a Masters degree in four areas of study: Applied Social Psychology (MA), Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis (MA), Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA), and Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science (MSc). The second program is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the same four areas of study. These areas of study provide training in both research and professional skills, as well as a firm grounding in theory and research in relevant content areas.



Below you’ll find links to each of the different areas of study within the MA and PhD Programs. Questions about the specificPrograms can be directed to the appropriate faculty member listed below.
Applied Social Psychology (AS)
Saba Safdar, PhD


Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis (CP:ADE)
Barbara Morrongiello


Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) 
Harjinder Gill,


Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science (NACS)
Harvey Marmuarek, PhD             



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