Universite du Québec

Universite du Québec Psychology Degree Program

Address: 475, rue du Parvis Quebec (Quebec) G1K 9H7
Website: http://www.uquebec.ca/reseau/

School Description:

Our curricula are adapted to today’s reality. At the University of Quebec, you can begin or continue studies at your own pace, while combining family and professional life. The University of Quebec is recognized, rightly, as an accessible university and the needs of its students. Never put aside the quality of the training, everything is in place to allow more access to higher education, regardless of academic, professional or family constraints.

The vast majority of current students of the University of Quebec are also in this position. Already on the labor market and more often than not the breadwinner, half of the students enrolled in institutions of the network of the University of Quebec studying part time. Often attracted by the opportunity to continue at their own pace, challenging university, students benefit from a series of measures put in place to facilitate their academic journey. Take more than three years to complete the degree as intended? Get a graduate degree in five years? Everything is possible … Welcome to the network of the University of Quebec!

Undergraduate Program Description

Graduate Program Description

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