Université de Sherbrooke

Université de Sherbrooke Psychology Degree Program

Address: Department of Psychology Faculty of Humanities 2500 University Boulevard Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1K 2R1
Website: http://www.usherbrooke.ca/psychologie/

School Description:

sychology is studied in almost all universities we learn the scientific explanations of the ways to think, feel and behave and learn to apply this knowledge to help people understand, explain and modify their behavior.But what distinguishes the University of Sherbrooke other universities is its approach to education: Throughout the course, teachers are present, and concretely, with the students who benefit from a more personalized coaching.

Bachelor, everything is in place to promote good preparation for graduate studies in psychology or a related field or direct access to the labor market. This program aims to open more avenues.

Doctoral courses and internships are provided at various stages of the journey to give the students a chance to put into practice the concepts with which they work in their careers, in addition to awareness by potential employers.

Undergraduate Program Description

Graduate Program Description

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