St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University Psychology Degree Program

Address: The Admissions Office St. Francis Xavier University PO Box 5000 Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada B2G 2W5

School Description:

Welcome to Psychology at StFX, where students are introduced to innovative methods of looking at the human mind, human behavior, and the way we live. Psychologists probe our ‘psychological being’ to explore the impact of experiences that shape who we are.

Undergraduate Program Description


With a broad understanding of human behavior and development, Psychology graduates have an opportunity to impact people’s lives as practicing psychologists, providing diagnosis and therapy; in social work; law enforcement; corrections; and forensic research. Many Psychology students are accepted to graduate programs across Canada and abroad for more intensive, academic study in these disciplines.


Students can pursue a BA with a major in Psychology, an advanced major, an honours, or take Psychology as a subsidiary. Students can also pursue a BSc with advanced major or honours in Psychology.


Psychology 100 (Introduction to Psychology) acquaints students with the basic concepts and methods of psychological research. Later courses are available in a variety of areas including Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology and the Psychology of Gender. Each is a tool for understanding human behaviour from development to anti-social activities.


Psychology at StFX is led by a team of academics with varying perspectives on human behaviour, human development and the way our understanding of psychology has impacted our culture. Students become involved in program-related societies, and many take an active role in research – something that is often attributed to professors who give them the tools they need to ask complex questions.

Graduate Program Description

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