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Ryerson University Psychology Degree Program

Address: 9th Floor Jorgenson Hall 380 Victoria St.,Toronto, ON
Website: http://www.ryerson.ca/psychology/

School Description:

Welcome to the Psychology Department at Ryerson in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Modern and innovative, the department is home to dynamic scholars and award winning teachers.

Undergraduate Program Description

Program Overview

“Perhaps the most fascinating and mysterious universe of all is the one within us.” — Carl Sagan, former Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University

Psychology is of fundamental relevance to our society. The discipline addresses important questions about the very nature of human behaviour: How do we remember and process information? How are gender and sexuality related to identity? How are addictions and brain chemistry related? How do we cope with stress in a changing world? In this program, students learn about the human mind, behaviour and emotion; how we think, feel, and reason. Students also delve into experimental and clinical research methodologies.

The core goals of the program are to

  • educate students in the science of psychology and its application to real-life situations,
  • prepare students for careers in which they will confront, elucidate, and solve problems which have psychological components,
  • provide the foundation for students to opt for post graduate studies in a variety of areas.

To learn more about our program from the student perspective, and to get involved in student activities, click here: Psychology Students’ Association.

BA Thesis Stream Students
@ 2011 Thesis Poster Session

Dean’s List Students @ inaugural 2010
Psychology Student Research & Awards Celebration

First BA Psychology Graduating Class of 2009
@ Spring Convocation Ceremony

Psychology graduation march
@ 2010 Convocation Ceremony


Graduate Program Description

Thank you for your interest in our Master’s and PhD in Psychology! The priority of consideration deadline for our program is Friday, December 6, 2013 for possible entry in Fall 2014. Please see our How to Apply webpages for more information.

Launched in 2007, Ryerson University’s innovative graduate program in Psychology offers students the opportunity to study in the fields of Psychological Science or Clinical Psychology, with a curriculum that is anchored in real-world issues. Trained at and recruited from top universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world, the core faculty that supports the program brings a leading-edge scientific and clinical training approach to student development.

Based in a department known for its experiential and career-focused learning, the graduate program takes advantage of its downtown Toronto location that includes a proximity to major sites for practicum training and clinical research, and offers students access to world-class training opportunities. The department has developed a new facility that includes more than 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art research labs. The Psychology Research and Training Centre (PRTC)was built from the ground up, and was designed to meet the specialized research needs of the department. The PRTC is within walking distance of leading research hospitals including St. Michael’s Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children, Mount Sinai Hospital, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto Rehab Institute, and the University Health Network–therefore, it is ideally situated for linking research and practice.

In addition to wide-ranging opportunities for clinical placements in the Greater Toronto Area, we partnered with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital to establish a Clinical Psychology Training Clinic, which provides clinical psychology students with opportunities for clinical research and training in a primary care setting just a few doors down from the PRTC on Bond Street.
Program Highlights

The graduate program in Psychology offers the following:

  1. Advanced training in psychological science designed to foster excellence in basic, applied, and translational research.
  2. Scientist-practitioner training in clinical psychology designed to meet the rigorous standards for national accreditation set by the CPA (Canadian Psychological Association). The CPA granted full accreditation to the clinical psychology graduate training program in 2012.
  3. Opportunities to contribute to the advancement of knowledge by conducting and publishing independent and collaborative research aimed both at advancing theory and solving real-world problems.
  4. Excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research training.
  5. Innovative practica in both the Psychological Science and Clinical Psychology fields, which foster relationships among the community, university, health-care field and in business/industry.
  6. Preparation for careers as experimental and clinical scientists (in university, hospital, industry and other settings), consultants, and a variety of other professional roles.
  7. Preparation for postdoctoral fellowships and careers in academia, health care, and industry.

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