Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University Psychology Degree Program

Address: 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 6K6

School Description:

Have you ever wondered how your genetic inheritance has influenced who you are and what you do? Are men and women more different than alike? Why do you remember some things and forget others? Do our personalities change over time? Get the tools you need to unlock the mysteries of human behaviour by delving into the field of psychology.

You will gain skills, including research and data analysis, that transfer to careers in countless fields.

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International study

Broaden your experience with a semester of study in other parts of Canada or in other countries, and explore differences and similarities between human behaviour around the world.

Learn more about international study opportunities.

Honours stream

An honours stream in psychology is available for qualified students who wish to take their studies to a higher level and prepare for graduate or professional school.

Career opportunities

Many employers are looking for “people who know people.” A BA in psychology will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities, including those in social services, government, research, consulting and business. It can also lead to further study in psychology, law, medicine and related fields.


For program planning, course selection and academic advising, visit Academic Advising Services.

Undergraduate Program Description

Curriculum & Courses

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is comprised of at least 40 three-credit courses (or equivalent)

  • 16-24 core major courses in Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Psychology, Sociology or Spanish
  • 12 General Education courses
  • 4-14 Electives
    An elective is a course which is not specified for a program, but is required for a degree. They can be any three-credit course, at any level.

Bachelor of Arts students have the options of completing:

Seven majors in the Bachelor of Arts, effective Fall 2013.

Twenty-two minors in the Bachelor of Arts, effective Fall 2013.

Minors outside the Faculty of Arts
Bachelor of Arts students may choose to complete a minor offered by a faculty other than Arts. consult the relevant sections of the current Academic Calendar.

Graduate Program Description

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